Open Air

Our open air style booth is the modern style photo booth. Our red box faces the backdrop color or pattern of your choosing and allows for a red carpet/paparazzi feel (red carpet included). This set up can easily accommodate 8-10 people at a time. It offers a very fast setup and optimal lighting. Book this booth booth today.

The backdrop for this booth measures a minimum of 5ft by 7ft, & certain backdrops can stretch as wide as 9ft by 12ft. It needs about 6 feet distance from our redbox.

The Inflatable Booth

Our enclosed inflatable photo booth inflates in under 5 minutes and features a fun neon light show as shown in the picture (this option can be turned off). This can fit a whopping 15 people at a time, well that's our personal record. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The wow factor of its visual presence will have your guests wanting to approach it to find out ... "hey what's that over there?" Book this booth and ensure a quick and fun setup.

This booth's size is an even 8 feet high, 8 feet wide, 8 feet long. It can fit in most halls and event spaces. But please don't put it close to anything sharp like say a chandelier. Chandeliers tend to get jealous and I've seen them try to attack our baby.

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